Thursday, December 25, 2008

the fayetteville food lion would like to wish you and yours a happy kwanzaa

and to tell you and yours that Bud Light is 12.99 for a 24-pack, limit 2.

I'm sitting in the kitchen trying to work on revisions for that writing job I mentioned, and doing my best to ignore the dog, who thinks that I will take her out into the backyard in the rain and play fetch with her if she looks at me like this long enough:

Here's hoping you're all having a very Merry Christmas, and also hoping that you didn't get $400 worth of unauthorized paypal charges on your checking account this morning, like I did.


  1. That dog means business, Michelle. And $400 is NOT in your budget.

  2. that's weird, I woke up this morning and found $400 worth of Twinkies outside my door. That is such a weird gift. but thank you I guess. you are so weird.