Thursday, January 1, 2009

chinese new year

My dad, Micky, and Sean are leaving for almost nine months in Africa tomorrow. They each get to take one suitcase weighing 44 pounds. You don't realize how much stuff you use, how much stuff you need, until you have to fit it all into one suitcase. Think about all the stuff you use that you might not be able to get in Benin. Contact solution... toothpaste for sensitive teeth... your special conditioner that you like... your new Legos Star Wars Republic Gunship... not to mention clothes and books. I am not jealous, and I will be a little bit more thankful next time I walk into Rite-Aid.

We went out to lunch for my dad and Sean's last meal out in America until next fall. (Micky stayed home to kick her suitcase against the wall repeatedly.) We stopped by Andy's, a fifties diner, then walked out because of poor service (apparently we're that family,) then went to Waffle House (yes, for their last meal in America for nine months, we went to Waffle House,) then walked out because Waffle House was just a terrible idea to begin with. Then we went to a Chinese buffet. Sean doesn't like Chinese food, so he wasn't happy, but breaded, fried chicken is basically the same anywhere, so we found him something to eat. He picked up each piece of sweet and sour chicken to show me before he ate it, saying "This is an eyeball," or, "This is a nose," or, "This is a brain." I asked him how the brain was. He chewed for a minute and said, "Tastes like chicken."


  1. Mrs. V heads to Kenya tomorrow to help out at an AIDS orphanage at Nukuru(?). Painting, singing and visiting our friend who is a missionary Kanya. She will be there for 2 weeks. Exciting. I will be home with Breezy alone for 2 weeks. I smell trouble brewing. Just kidding

  2. Okay. So. Yeah. I totally read the title of this and was like "...but the Chinese new year isn't until January 26th this year... why the heck is she..oh. Chinese food. Right."

    I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing.